Graeme Zirk is a Vancouver based Illustrator and Artist with a background
in Graphic Design and nothing to lose. 

He grew up in the Prairies where he drew comics, performed stand-up comedy and worked human service jobs before being seduced by a career in design in the (relatively) big city. 

He is interested in making work that looks both flawed and refined. Feels wry and heartfelt and communicates complex ideas with simplicity. 

He is inspired by Japanese confectionary packaging, Mad magazine, early interface design, skateboarding, Polish Posters, Documentaries, Modernism, Science Fiction, Fantasy and The Blue Album. 

He loves writing about himself in the 3rd person. He can’t believe you read all of this. 

Work has been seen on/used by the following…

Communication Arts, Wax Partnership, St.Bernadine Mission, Papersmiths&, Booooooom, Vancouver Writer’s Exchange, We Are Local, The Creators Project, Vice Canada, Sad Magazine, Lush Cosmetics, Ballpit Mag, Noisey & Telus Storyhive


graemezirk (at) gmail (dot) com