GraemeZirk_Commercial Illustration_Papersmiths_Window_Brighton.jpg
Client: Papersmiths&
Job: Valentine’s/Mother’s Day window and In-store campaign collateral.
AD: Ben Crosskey
Client: Rethink
Job: Science World Water Fountain Illustrations
AD: Dosh Osholowu
Client: We Are Local
Job: Catalogue Covers
AD: Daniela Lee
Personal Project: Gift Cards for Buy Olympia
Client: Vancouver Writer’s Exchange
Job: Children’s annual cover
AD: Melanie Kwan
GraemeZirk_Commercial Illustration_Okanagan Spring_Web Banners_Motion.gif
Client: St. Bernadine Mission
Job: Okanagan Spring Web Animations
AD: Rory O’Sullivan
GraemeZirk_Commercial Illustration_Lush Knotwrap.png
“Crossing the Stream”
Client: Lush Cosmetics
Job: Knotwrap
GraemeZirk_Commercial Illustration_CollectiveArts_Glass2.jpg
Client: Collective Arts Brewing
Job: Artist Series Pint Glass
GraemeZirk_Commercial Illustration_UVU_Veritiv_Wax Partnership_Daretobeseen Motion.gif
Client: Wax Partnership
Job: Veritiv UVU Awards Annual and Event Collateral
AD: Eric Seymour
*Fun fact: This thing ended up in Communication Arts